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The Basics You Need to Know on Hair Follicle Drug Tests

One of the many approaches and methods to testing for drugs in the body is that of hair follicle drug tests. By and large, hair follicle drug tests are growing in popularity and attracting interest from a number of quarters, with lawyers, employers and medical professionals being some of those whose attention have been drawn to this method of drug testing. When we look at the reasons behind the popularity of this method of testing for drugs in the body, it is a fact that they have become so popular with a number of employers and such professionals majorly looking at the fact that they have really proved to be so effective in helping test for the use, misuse or the presence of drugs in the body, be they the illicit ones or the prescription medications out there. Read on in this post and learn some of the things that you need to know of, of basic nature, about the hair follicle drug tests, from what they are, how to perform one using a home test kit and some tips to pass these tests.

When it comes to what it is, a hair follicle drug test is a test that can help determine patterns of illicit drug use or the misuse of prescription medication that has been over a certain period of time, in most cases being three months which are for hair samples that are taken from the head. With these drug tests, just a single strand can be used to test for the presence of and use of a single drug, several kinds of drugs and as well various drug classes. The hair follicle drug test can actually be used to test for a wide array of drugs and some of these are such as the use of marijuana, amphetamines like ecstasy and the like, cocaine, opiates such as morphine and heroin, and the presence or use of phencyclidine, PCP.

Given the fact of employers calling for drug testing on their prospective job candidates, prospective employees will have to be screened for drugs by a number of employers and as such you need to be prepared for these if this is the case with you. Oftentimes, the requirement for drug testing will be more of a particular need for those who may be looking forward to filling such positions where they will be high at risk as it is with the operations of plant and machinery in the company. Moreover, there is an ever growing call for drug free workplaces and for this reason, there is the need to ensure that the workplace is free of drugs and this is as well another reason why employers conduct these drug tests on prospective employees and as well on those they already have as regularly as can be.

Hair follicle drug tests can determine with such accuracy if one has been using a given kind of drug within a window period of three months, after which it isn’t as accurate.
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